The Prescott area has a ton of top-notch parks for everyone to enjoy – in fact, there are so many that we’ve had to make this a two-part series! We’ve got dog parks, playgrounds for kids to jump around at, skateparks, and scenic areas for you to relax.

In this first installment, we’ll cast our vote as to which park is the best all-around park. We’ll also talk about the best dog parks in the area. If you’d like to check out the best public parks for people and dogs in the Prescott area, read on.  

This park can do it all – it’s even got an aquatic center!

The Top Park Overall: Mountain Valley Park

If you ever find that you need one place that you can take your pet, young kids, and teenage skater to, we’ve got a park for that. This park can do it all – it even has an aquatic center!  

Mountain Valley Park at 8600 East Nace Street in Prescott Valley sits on a full 69 acres of land and features the following:  

  • Aquatic center 
  • Basketball court 
  • Playground 
  • Walking Track
  • Skate Park
  • Dog Park
  • Multi-use field
  • Picnic shelters
  • Restrooms

There’s a playground area for bigger kids as well as little ones, and each section has age-appropriate swings and spinning toys (not quite the merry-go-rounds you grew up with, but close). They also have climbing toys, slides, and other fun equipment.

Mountain Valley Splash (also referred to as the aquatic center) features a shallow area for little ones along with a small slide and giant mushroom that pours water down on delighted youngsters.

The pool is only four and a half feet at its deepest, making it a safer option for nervous parents. It also has a large waterslide for older kids.

Keep in mind that there is a height limit of 42 inches for the slide, and floatation devices can’t be worn on it – but riders are permitted to hold onto floatie vests as they slide down.

As if all of that weren’t enough, Mountain Valley Splash also has a large splash pad and a concessions area in which families can enjoy lunches brought from home or snacks offered at the concessions stand. Who could ask for more?

Best Dog Parks for Furry Friends 

Whether they’re old dogs that you’re trying to teach new tricks, or young puppies who need to let some energy out, choose one of these top-rated off-leash dog parks! They offer several canine-friendly amenities for your furry friends.  

Willow Creek Dog Park 

Willow Creek Dog Park on 3181 Willow Creek Road in Prescott is one of the most-liked dog parks in the area. Willow Creek Dog Park has plenty for dogs to do, and it’s spacious so they have ample room to run around. There is a side for large dogs and a side for smaller dogs – an important note for pet-owners with smaller breeds who are concerned about safety. 

This dog park is closed every Monday morning because volunteers maintain it, which means that the park is very clean. Many of the people who have visited Willow Creek dog park found that both the dogs and their owners are very friendly. One of the pieces of equipment that dogs love here is the fire engine to jump up on. It’s a big hit for the larger dogs. 

Prescott Valley Dog Park 

Although Prescott Valley Dog Park doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as Willow Creek, it’s still a pretty great place to take your dog. It’s mostly sandy and features a green, bone-shaped stretch of turf in the middle. There’s a bench for you to sit and eat at as your dog plays, and there are tunnels and a ramp for dogs as well. Like Willow Creek, it has a separate area for smaller dogs, and some parts of the park are shaded.  

Try Prescott 

As you can see, Prescott Area parks and playgrounds offer something for everyone. We consider Mountain Valley Park the ultimate destination, since it offers fun for dogs, kids and teens. And of course, we can’t get over the fact that it’s also got a pool and splash pad – a perfect way to beat the summer heat!

That said, we’ve got far more parks where that came from. We hope you’ll visit one of the dog parks we recommend to you, and catch the second installment of this list where we’ll explore the best kids’ parks and skate parks.

Phenomenal parks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Prescott has to offer. Whether you love parks, good food, or golfing, it’s never a bad time to try Prescott!

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