If you’re looking for more parks to bring your energetic kids to, you’re in luck! In this second installment of our Top Parks series, we’ll direct you to the best parks in the area for youngsters.

And if you’ve got a teenager who enjoys BMX, skateboarding, or riding a scooter, we’ve got parks for that as well. Read on to learn the skateparks with the best setup for tricks.  

There’s a volleyball court, a mountain bike course, and a quaint little bridge over the creek.

Best Playgrounds and Parks for Kids 

We’ve got several types of playgrounds on this list: a train-themed park for little ones, a memorial park, and even a splash pad.  No matter what your child’s interests are, you’ll find a park that they’ll like here in the Prescott area.  

Santa Fe Station Park 

Santa Fe Station Park is set up to be accommodating for kids of all abilities, though most visitors agree it’s better suited to younger kids. It has the following amenities: 

  • A spacious area for eating 
  • A fun playground and an interactive learning center for kids 
  • Swings 
  • A small rock wall for little ones to enjoy
  • A teeter-totter to play on
  • A pickleball court
  • Shaded areas 

Santa Fe Station Park has a large, open field just waiting for kids to use their imaginations and come up with a game to play with their new “park friends.” There’s also some history located on the premises: an old train and some construction equipment from the railroad days.  

Granite Creek Park and Splash Pad 

Granite Creek Park is great for older kids and younger kids. It has a Storywalk that allows you to walk around with your younger kids and have conversations about the stories you find. There’s a volleyball court, a mountain bike course, and a quaint little bridge over the creek as well. 

Visitors warn that the homeless population is sometimes present at Granite Creek, so the best time to visit is between 10 am and 5 pm.  

Kayla’s Hands Playground/Pioneer Park 

Kayla’s Hands Playground is in Pioneer Park in Prescott, next to the inline hockey rink and just a short distance from the ball fields. It was built in honor of Kayla Mueller, a Prescott native and NAU graduate. She was a human rights activist and humanitarian aid worker who was kidnapped while providing aid in Syria. She was murdered by terrorists two years later (in 2015).  

The Kiwanis Club oversaw the playground project, and it’s been recently renovated with a new cover so kids can enjoy it throughout the summer.  

Pioneer Park offers the following amenities: 

  • Concessions 
  • Restrooms 
  • Brownlow Trails 

Kayla’s Hands Playground has these perks: 

  •  Multiple swings 
  • A climbing area 
  • Fun obstacle courses for kids 
  • A four-person teeter-totter 
  • Slides 

Skate Parks for Skaters, BMX, and Scooters 

If your teenager’s into BMX bikes, Razor scooters, or skateboarding, chances are that they’ll want to know where to find the best skateparks. Knowing where they are just might make you a little bit cooler in their eyes… but we make no promises!

(Also, a big thank-you to everyone who submitted a Google review describing these skate parks – we’d have been lost without you.) 

Prescott Valley Skatepark 

Prescott Valley Skatepark is big, making it a great choice for BMX riders. It’s got plenty of space for skaters and those who ride scooters, too. It’s a great facility for everyone, from beginners to experienced riders. There’s a playground next to it for younger kids.  

Here are some features of Prescott Valley Skatepark: 

  • Lots of corners, tables and curves 
  • A large steep vert 
  • Smooth transitions that make it perfect for longboarding  

Mom and Dad – don’t know skater lingo? Don’t worry about it. Your teen will know, and that’s what matters! 

Mike Fann Community Skatepark 

The Mike Fann Community Skate Park is a bit smaller than Prescott Valley Skatepark. BMX bikes and scooters can also be used on the facility, and there’s a playground nearby for kids to play on.  

Here’s what the Mike Fann Community Skatepark has: 

  • Vert 
  • Street obstacles 
  • Large bowls covered with coping 
  • Plenty of possible lines for every level of experience 

Try Prescott 

Prescott area parks and playgrounds can’t be beat – we’ve got over 20 different kinds of parks in Prescott alone!

This area offers no shortage of entertainment for kids and teens, so if you’re looking for a friendly town to spend your time at, Try Prescott! Whether it’s hiking, camping, or something else, chances are we’ll have what you need.

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